Ygros EDF Springless Check Valve

Non Return Check Valve in fully hygienic design. Maintenance free.

Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation (even in vertical lines with downward flow).

YGROS’s  patented technology sets new standards in the world of plant design, thanks to a patented magnetic principle replacing the conventional spring in Non Return Valves.

For fluids and steam – temperatures up to 220°C.

Finally a really smart solution for your clean applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry.

  • No more springs that can break or misfire.
  • No flow obstructing components.
  • No stagnation point, no media entrapment.
  • Maintenance free.

Key Features:

  • Maximum hygiene (spring free design): Only the shutter comes into contact with the product. There are no springs, discs or other components, which means no contamination and no stagnation point
  • Safe closing: Provided by integral magnets
  • Any installation position possible: Unlike other springless check valves, a YGROS Valve can be installed in either horizontal or vertical lines (both upward and downward flows are permissible when installed in vertical lines).
  • Energy saving: The innovative working principle and design allow for a smooth flow, minimizing pressure drop.
  • Laminar flow, meaning no turbulence
  • Maintenance free
  • Longer valve life due to the high chemical resistance of the materials
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