Ygros Wafer Check Valve

The springless Wafer check valve for water treatment, vacuum and gas applications.

Maintenance free. Suitable for horizontal, vertical up and down installation (even in vertical pipes with flow down). Suitable for temperatures up to +220°C.

Ygros’s patented technology sets new standards in the world of plant design, thanks to a patented magnetic principle replacing the conventional spring in Non Return Valves.

  • No more springs that can break or misfire
  • No flow obstructing components
  • No flicker.
  • No stagnation points.
  • No maintenance needed.

Key Features

  • No chatter: the magnetic principle is particularly suitable for compressible media (such as gas) or low pressure processes. Very low pressure difference needed to keep the disc fully open.
  • High chemical resistance / longer valve life: due to the 1.4404 (AISI 316 L) / 1.4462 (Duplex) construction.
  • Safe closing: provided by integral magnets.
  • Any installation position possible: unlike other springless check valves, YGROS WAFER can be installed in both horizontal and vertical lines up (suitable for both upward and downward flow directions when installed in vertical lines)
  • Energy saving (laminar flow): the innovative working principle and design allow for a smooth flow, minimizing turbulence and pressure drop.
  • Maintenance free.
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