A-Series Butterfly Valve with cost-effective AP PLASTIC Pneumatic Actuator

Actuator features:

  • One size actuator fits directly to all A-Series butterfly valves in sizes 1” to 4”. An adaption kit also allows installation on valves in ½” and ¾” sizes. For 6” and 8” sizes the stainless steel actuator must be used.
  • High quality German design and manufacture of actuator and mounting kit
  • Same performance and warranty as stainless steel actuator option with considerable cost saving
  • Reduced weight (1.6 kg lighter than the equivalent stainless steel actuator)
  • Single acting air/spring execution as standard (normally open or normally closed). Double acting on request
  • Fulfils the requirements of the European PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • Robust “double” mounting bracket as standard
  • 12mm Cylindrical proximity switches can be fitted directly to the actuator mounting bracket for simple low cost position feedback
  • Integral visual position indication as standard
  • Can be fitted with the AT stainless steel LED Control Top inclusive of solenoid valve/s and/or proximity switches
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