Standard D-series Adjustable Spring Loaded Pressure Relief/By-Pass Valves

The Saniquip D-series adjustable spring loaded pressure relief valves are designed as pressure relief and by-pass valves to protect lines, pumps and other process equipment from damage caused by plant pressure surges. Under normal operating conditions the valve remains closed. The valve is adjusted using the spring loader nut to relieve at a specific set pressure selected by the plant operator in order to avoid plant damage. If the line pressure exceeds the valve set pressure the valve will open relieving flow and reducing the line pressure. Several spring options are available to provide different set pressure adjustment ranges to a maximum of 8 bar. A lock nut allows the position of the spring loader nut to be securely fixed.

As standard the valve is fitted with an additional port in the valve body (capped of with a hexagonal nut) which is located opposite the discharge port and can be used for cleaning if desired. If seat cleaning is required backing off the loader nut will relieve the spring pressure and allow the opening of the valve plug during CIP. Alternatively, an optional version fitted with a lever handle is available to enable manual seat lifting without altering the valve set pressure.

The D-series valves can be offered in either AISI 304L or 316L stainless steel. As standard the seals are in EPDM material (FDA 177.2600 compliant). On request seals can also be offered in FDA compliant silicone, NBR, or viton materials. The standard valves are available in a sizes from 1” to 4”.

Saniquip also offer fractionally sized adjustable spring loaded pressure relief valves which are available to suit ½” and ¾” line sizes.

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