Stainless Steel Vacuum/Pressure Valves – 645 Series

The Saniquip 645 series vacuum/pressure valves are hygienic spring loaded breather valves designed to protect against damage due to vacuum or overpressurization in tanks. In its natural state the valve keeps the tank internals sealed from the outside atmosphere. If the pressure inside the tank drops below atmospheric the valve opens to suck in air and equalize the negative pressure. If the pressure inside the tank goes above atmospheric pressure then the internal overpressure relief mechanism lifts to release the pressure and restore equilibrium. On request the valves can be delivered with an integrated purge port allowing purging of the tank top with inert gas.

The valves are available in AISI 304L and 316L stainless steel and are highly polished. As standard they are delivered with sanitary clamp type tank connection and with seals in FDA compliant silicone material (EPDM and viton seal options are also available). They are manufactured in a range of sizes from 1½” to 4”.

Nominal opening pressures:

  • Valve opening (vacuum break): Approx. 0.09 psi
  • Valve opening (overpressure): Approx. 1 psi

Air flow capacity information for the 645L series valves can be provided on request.

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