Spring Loaded Vacuum Valves

Saniquip hygienic stainless steel vacuum valves are primarily fitted to tanks or vessels to minimize the risk of implosion due to vacuum created during emptying or cleaning regimes. They can be fitted to virtually any type of tank or to pipework and their hygienic design makes them suitable for use in a wide range of sanitary applications.

Advantages include simple design, high operational reliability, and high response sensitivity due to the low friction mechanics of the valves. We offer several different executions in both spring loaded and weight loaded designs. Capacity information can be provided for most designs.

Spring loaded model 92210 is available in sizes from 25mm to 80mm and can be delivered in executions for either horizontal or vertical installation.

Spring loaded model 92220 is available in sizes from 50mm to 150mm and is suitable for vertical installation only. On request this model can be delivered with a CIP connection and miniature cleaning device installed in the housing.

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