Safe Flow Double Seal Valves

The Saniquip 870 series Safe Flow double seal valves are designed as a simple and cost-effective means of providing safe media separation and leak detection in hygienic process applications. A fixed one piece valve plug is fitted with two separate seals – one on the conical part near the top of the plug and a second sealing radially near the bottom of the plug. The space between these two seals forms a leakage chamber providing a significant degree of safety against any mixing of different fluids. This neutral leakage chamber area is fitted with leakage valves allowing detection of any leakage due to seal damage. The leakage valves can also be used for flushing allowing CIP of the leakage chamber. The leakage valves are activated at the same time as the main valve actuator so there is no need for separate controls. The Saniquip 870 series Safe Flow valves are 3A approved.


  • Standard size range 1” to 4”
  • All product contact surfaces in AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Ball shaped body parts for reduced turbulence and minimized flow resistance
  • A wide range of body configurations available
  • A wide range of FDA compliant seal materials available
  • Free draining design
  • Highly polished internal surfaces for ease of cleaning
  • Valve configuration can be easily changed from normally closed to normally open and vice versa by simply inverting the actuator
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