Rotary Spray Heads

Rotary spray heads are rotating cleaning devices which are driven and lubricated by the cleaning media. Appropriately positioned slots in the flow head create fan shaped cleaning jets while also generating rotation. Rotary spray heads operate at relatively low pressure and are an effective means of cleaning the internal surfaces of tanks and vessels.


  • Available in a range of different sizes and spray patterns for different applications
  • AISI 316L stainless steel construction
  • Simple, reliable design
  • Free draining
  • Double ball bearing for rotation at any angle
  • Simple, hygienic, clip-on connection. BSP internal thread option also available


  • A more efficient and effective alternative to fixed sprayballs. Rather than being totally reliant upon cascading flow (as with fixed sprayballs) rotary spray heads also generate a limited degree of impact on the internal surfaces of the vessel and this can assist in the removal of residual product
  • Generally lower CIP flow rates and lower total CIP fluid consumption than fixed sprayballs with corresponding savings in water and cleaning chemicals
  • Reduced cleaning time
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