Rotary Jet Heads

Rotary jet head cleaners offer the optimum solution for the automatic cleaning of process tanks and vessels. They utilize high impact jet sprays to effectively clean all internal surfaces. The nozzles are driven by the cleaning fluid to carry out geared rotations on both the horizontal and vertical axis. This initially provides coarse 360 degree coverage of the tank internal surfaces with the coverage gradually becoming more dense until full coverage has been achieved. A range of different nozzle options allow the configuration of the rotary jet head to be optimized for each specific cleaning application. Rotary jet head cleaners are most commonly suspended from the top of the tank but an “upside down” execution suitable for cleaning from the bottom of the tank is also available.


  • Very effective cleaning even in demanding applications with difficult to remove residues
  • Short cleaning time
  • Significant savings in water and cleaning chemicals due to the low flow rates required and the short cleaning time
  • Media lubricated
  • Available in self-cleaning executions suitable for permanent installation in tanks or in portable execution Can be individually configured for a wide range of different vessel sizes and applications
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