Oval Outward Opening PED / ASME Certified Pressure Manways & Handways

  • Robust heavy duty construction PED certified for pressures of up to 10 bar (dependent upon diameter, temperature and number of handwheels). Optional ASME certification also available
  • Standard production with product contact surfaces in AISI 316L stainless steel. Special production in alternative materials on request
  • Various surface finish options available
  • Vacuum resistant
  • Oval outward opening design with quick release swingbolts
  • Retention free cover (i.e. no liquid pooling in cover)
  • Available in standard sizes 200 x 300mm, 250 x 350mm, 300 x 400mm, 350 x 450mm, 400 x 500mm. Non-standard sizes on request
  • 150mm standard frame height. Special frame heights up to 300mm on request
  • 4mm standard frame thickness. Special frame thicknesses up to 10mm on request
  • Frames can be profiled to match vessel radius on request
  • Safety grill and safety cross options available
  • Various limit switch options available
  • Spring assisted opening available
  • Swivel cover available
  • Various FDA compliant & USP class VI gasket options
  • Can be delivered with a wide range of different fittings factory installed in the cover (Sight glass according to DIN 28120, various union connections etc.)
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