Liverani Flexible Impeller Pump

Liverani flexible impeller pumps are an economical low speed, stainless steel, positive displacement pump for many industries. They are suitable for the transfer of delicate, fragile and viscous fluids with or without solids in suspension.

The flexible impeller design means that the pump flow can be reversed easily.

The impellers are available in different food grade rubbers; natural rubber, EPDM, silicone.

The mechanical seal is a simple design and available in the standard carbon/ceramic or harder tungsten carbide for fluids containing abrasive solids.


  • Available for flows from 0 to 72,000 l/h and pressure differential up to 4 bar
  • Pumping of fluids with viscosities up to 50,000 cP
  • Maximum temperature of 100C
  • Self-Priming (automatic priming of the product up to 6m)
  • Reversible flow
  • Non-pulsating flow characteristics
  • Impellers available in NR (standard), Neoprene, EPDM, NBR and Silicone
  • Available in various models including built-in inverters in small sizes
  • Connections in tri-clamp, male RJT and other types on request
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