Hygienic Pinch Valves – Pneumatically Operated

The Saniquip hygienic pinch valves are full bore pneumatically operated valves. They are the optimum choice for use with liquid products containing solids in suspension and are also suitable for use with abrasive powders and granules. The full bore design means that the sorts of blockages and entrapment of solid particles likely to result from the use of other valve types can be avoided. The key component of the valve is a specially designed reinforced rubber sleeve with a high elastic return value and an excellent abrasion resistance. Applying compressed air (or a suitable inert gas or liquid) to the air inlet connection in the valve body presses the sleeve until it is closed shutting off the flow.  The pressure of the compressed air or other closing media must be at least two bar greater than the line pressure. The valve design is such that watertight sealing can still be achieved even if the sleeve closes on to solid particles.

This valve type is particularly popular in the wine industry in the transfer of whole or destemmed grapes. Seeds, skins and stalks present no difficulty during transfer and do not affect the positive shut-off of the valve.

Features and benefits:

  • Available in a wide range of sizes from ¾” to 6”
  • Full bore design
  • No dead pockets
  • Minimized product damage
  • Watertight closure, even with difficult solids present
  • Specially designed FDA compliant reinforced rubber sleeve with high elastic return value and high abrasion resistance
  • Sleeve available in various different materials
  • Varying sleeve surface state (compressed/uncompressed) avoids scale build-up
  • 3A Approved execution available
  • Available in execution suitable for use in ATEX classified areas
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