Hygienic Butterfly Control Valves – Modulating Butterfly Control Valves

The Saniquip pneumatically operated butterfly valves can be delivered fitted with a digital electro-pneumatic position controller (EPPC) – Burkert type 8694, or alternatively with a digital electro-pneumatic process controller (EPPC/PR) – Burkert type 8693.

With the electro-pneumatic position controller (EPPC) fitted to the pneumatic actuator, the actuator position (or valve disc position) is controlled according to the set position value. The set value specification is from an external standard 4 – 20 mA signal or via AS interface.

With the electro-pneumatic process controller (EPPC/PR) fitted to the pneumatic actuator the actual value of the process factor is directly applied to the device as a 4 – 20 mA signal. The process controller calculates the set value for the position controller by a set/actual value comparison.

Economic Option:

For simple control duties where low cost is a major consideration we can also offer our butterfly valves fitted with a horizontal rack and pinion type pneumatic actuator (aluminium) and electro-pneumatic positioner (4 – 20 mA signal). Please inquire for further information.

Please note:

By virtue of their design butterfly valves generally do not make the best control valves but they are suitable for many simple control duties – mainly those where linear control characteristics are not required, where control parameters can be slowly changed, or where there is a low pressure differential. For superior and/or linear control please refer to our Saniquip single seat flow control valves with parabolic plug, or our Saniquip diaphragm control valves.

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