Hygienic Air Release Valves – D-Series

Saniquip D-series air release valves offer a simple automatic means of releasing trapped air from a process line or vessel without allowing the process liquid to flow out. The design is such that air is prevented from entering the line or vessel, even if subjected to negative pressure. It is a double seated valve with a “floating” polypropylene ball which closes against either the upper or the lower seat depending on the pressure conditions. In a pressure situation the ball is lifted from the lower seat and air is able to escape until the product lifts the ball against the upper seat closing the valve. In a negative pressure situation the ball is sucked closed against the lower seat. Air release valves are typically used to release air pockets from process pipework (installed on top of the line at the highest point) or to reduce pump cavitation (installed on top of the line on the suction side of a pump). A relatively low liquid flow velocity at the valve inlet is recommended for best positioning of the ball. Under certain flow conditions a small amount of product “spitting” may occur.


  • 1” Inlet connection and ¾” discharge tube as standard. Larger 1½” inlet connection also available on request
  • Sanitary clamp process connection as standard
  • Sanitary clamp centre body connection for quick and simple assembly and disassembly
  • Replaceable ball and seal (various seal materials available)
  • Hygienic stainless steel construction with polished internal surface finish
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