Flushable Aseptic Sample Valves – Diaphragm Sealed

The Saniquip aseptic sample valves provide the optimum sampling solution for critical hygiene applications.  They are manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel with a highly polished surface finish. As standard the valves are fitted with an aseptic diaphragm in silicone or in TFM-1600 PTFE (both materials are FDA & USP Class VI compliant) and an additional CIP or SIP flushing port.

Features and advantages include:

  • Zero dead leg. Once installed the sealing plug shuts off flush with the inlet port
  • The diaphragm acts as both body seal and seat seal. There is no product contact with the valve shaft/plunger arrangement behind the diaphragm
  • The additional flushing port is used to ensure that the valve internals are sterile prior to any sample being taken. It can be utilised as a CIP flushing port, as an SIP flushing port, or as a filling inlet for clients who prefer to cap off the outlet and keep the valve filled with sterilizing solution when not in use for sampling
  • Two manual activation options are available – a PTFE turn knob or a stainless steel on/off lever handle (which closes automatically to avoid any risk of the valve being left open)
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Either welding or sanitary clamp type tank connection as standard (Ingold connection also available on request)
  • Flushing and outlet connections are standard miniature clamp ferrules eliminating the need for costly proprietary mating connection parts or caps. Hose tail connections or welding connections can also be offered on request
  • Fully traceable for validation purposes. Most models available with material test certificate EN 10204 3.1B, surface finish test certificate, 3A sanitary standards compliance certificate & FDA & USP Class VI compliance certificate for diaphragm material

The Saniquip aseptic sample valves are also available in a pneumatically operated execution fitted with a single acting stainless steel pneumatic actuator. On request the actuator can be delivered complete with a proximity switch to provide valve position feedback.

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