Dual Purpose Sample Valve

Suitable for Syringe Penetration Sampling or Bulk Sampling

The Saniquip 9116 series sample valves offer a cost-effective dual purpose sampling solution where the one device can be used for both disposable syringe penetration sampling and for bulk sampling. The valve is fitted with a specially designed gasket in FDA compliant silicone which acts as both the body seal and the seat seal. In the case of bulk sampling the handwheel is turned to open the valve and the sample is taken from the valve outlet. In the case of syringe penetration sampling the valve is left in the closed position and the needle is inserted into the hollow handwheel/housing arrangement and passed through the silicone gasket to take the sample. The gasket design is such that the hole will close up after the sample has been taken. Typically the gasket can be used for 20 – 30 penetrations (approx.) before replacement becomes necessary.

Standard delivery is with a 15mm welding connection but executions with a 40mm welding connection or a sanitary clamp connection are also available.

Optionally the 9116 dual purpose sample valves can be delivered with an additional CIP flushing connection.

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