Double Seat Mixproof Valves

The Saniquip 900 series double seat mixproof valves are designed to provide maximum security against mixing in situations where production processes require the simultaneous flow of two different fluids through the same valve without cross-contamination. The 900 series valves ensure that separation of different media (e.g. product and CIP) is maintained, even in the event of seal failure. Independent upper and lower seat lift functions allow CIP cleaning of the leakage chamber at the same time as either the upper or the lower line. A variant with external cleaning system for the leakage chamber and drain can be offered on request. Standard execution is with “low level product loss” to drain during valve switching. An optional “zero product loss” version is also available.
The balanced plug design offers protection against water hammer and pressure spikes. All 900 series valves conform to 3A requirements.


  • Standard size range 1” to 4”
  • All product contact surfaces in AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Ball shaped body parts for reduced turbulence and minimized flow resistance
  • A wide range of body configurations available including tank bottom execution
  • A wide range of FDA compliant seal materials available
  • Free draining design
  • Highly polished internal surfaces for ease of cleaning
  • Various control head options
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