Boyser Peristaltic Pump

Boyser peristaltic pumps offer excellent positive displacement pumping options for shear-sensitive and viscous products. The simple design incorporates a flexible hose inside the pump, compressed by rollers that can be adjusted for different pressures.

When the hose is compressed, a vacuum is formed and liquid is drawn into the tube until it reaches the next roller when it is pumped forward. The rollers are the moving parts in the pump system and the tube is stationary allowing for the pump to be able to run dry as there is no sealing system as in conventional pumps.

They are suitable for the transfer of delicate, fragile and viscous fluids with or without solids in suspension.

The hoses are available in different food grade rubber material to suit the application requirements.


  • DSM range for small dosing applications up to 1.4 litres/min
  • AMP range for flows up to 1200 litres/hour
  • FMP range for flows up to 20,000 litres/hour
  • RBT industrial range for flows up to 36,000 litres/hour
  • Dry suction lift to 9m
  • Reversible
  • Able to pump abrasive solutions
  • Available with encoders and controllers for batching operations
  • Different hose material dependent on the application
  • Connections in tri-clamp, other connections available on request
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