Boyser Lobe Pumps

Boyser lobe pumps are available in the sanitary LIS/LIH Series and industrial LB/LM Series. The LB/LM range is an economical food grade option and available with either stainless steel or rubber lobes. The LB/LM range has been delivered to wineries, pumping destemmed grapes and wine. The rubber lobes are able to handle the challenges of metal staples that can be present in the grapes.

The LIS and LIH range are Boyser’s fully sanitary ranges and the LIH is designed to the EHEDG standard for hygiene.

They are suitable for the transfer of all types of fluids.

Features (LB/LM Series):

  • Available in 4 different sizes from 2″ to 5″ for flows up to 120m3/h
  • Lobes in 316L stainless steel and rubber options in NBR, EPDM and Viton
  • Pressures up to 6 bar
  • DIN connections as standard (others available on request)
  • Optional extras include dry-run protection switch and pressure switch

Features (LIS Series):

  • Available in 6 different sizes from 2″ to 5″ for flows up to 40m3/h
  • Stainless steel tri-lobes or dual-wing bi-lobe version available as an option
  • Wetted parts in 316L stainless steel with surface roughness of 0.8Ra or less (LIH available in 0.4Ra)
  • Standard connections in tri-clamp (other connections available on request)
  • Pressures up to 12 bar
  • Optional extras include front cover mounted relief valve or external pressure-relief valve bypass
  • Heating/cooling jacket
  • Enlarged, rectangular feed inlet
  • LIH version designed to EHEDG standards
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