Aseptic Magnetic Mixers

Aseptic magnetic drive agitators are widely used in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries in ultra-sterile applications including mixing, diluting, maintaining in suspension, thermal exchange, etc.

They provide absolute assurance that there can be no contact between the tank internals and the outside atmosphere due to the fact that there is no penetration of the tank shell and no mechanical shaft seal. Total tank integrity is assured and any risk of toxic or high value product leakage is eliminated.

Features and benefits:

  • No penetration of the tank shell and no mechanical shaft seal allow an aseptic design avoiding any risk of contamination or leakage
  • Sanitary design to meet current pharmaceutical requirements
  • 7 Different models for different vessel volumes and agitation levels
  • Allow low minimum working volumes not feasible with traditional mixers
  • Suitable for viscosities up to 1000 cP
  • Suitable for CIP or SIP in situ or autoclave
  • Able to be removed quickly and easily – a major advantage when sterilizing in an autoclave or sharing a single drive unit mechanism between vessels
  • Using an inverter speeds from 50 to 450 RPM are possible allowing a range of agitation levels from gentle to vigorous
  • Bottom mounting means that the top of the vessel is left clear for easy access
  • The specially designed impellor geometry ensures optimized agitation with a very low shear rate. Additionally the blade design is such that a proportion of the cleaning fluid is directed through the head

Options include:

  • Magnetic proximity sensor to monitor impellor rotation
  • Adaption kit for jacketed or insulated vessels
  • Rotating blades welded directly to the magnetic head
  • Electropolishing
  • Control equipment ranging from a simple standalone panel to a fully integrated automation system
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